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About me

Why I do what I do

After 20 years working in the corporate sector, I decided to leave my career and corporate life behind and start something new. But why did I focus on a business that is centred around human wellness? For several reasons:

My own personal suffering and a lack of wellbeing awareness, I wanted more from life.

The suffering of others in the impact of a life lost to poor work life balance, unhealthy diet, a lack of exercise and mostly the increase in mental ill health challenges globally.

Because I knew I would be good at it.  My strengths and where I can really make a difference is in engaging audiences, inspiring others, managing projects, changing culture and leading teams.

The workplace landscape is more complex than it’s probably ever been.  Budgets are tighter, headcount is being reduced yet the workload remains heavy, employees are being squeezed for high performance and delivery and all at a time when people are fearful of keeping their jobs but are hankering over a life with purpose.  The need for a comprehensive wellness strategy within any type of business has never been greater.

I am a little bit different though…

I take the time to engage, educate, and teach tools and techniques that support cultural change, paying particular attention to supporting your business wide wellness strategy.  Infinity Wellness prides itself on collaboration.  Together, through strength in professional partnerships, we can design and deliver a wellbeing change programme to suit your organisation.

Making long-term change

With 20 years of experience in people development, cultural and behavioural change management, and an abundance of experience in the wellness field I am continuously developing and research in the wellness market and remain affiliated to various business’s, associations, and societies in this field. When you can talk from the heart about your own stress experience and your own anxiety, it’s this ‘keeping it real’ approach that has an impact on the people I work with.

I am so proud of the work that Infinity Wellness does and by developing professional workplace wellness solutions via specific programmes, workshops or by speaking at events and employee engagement sessions, where I know I can make a real difference. Infinity wellness is about supporting all types of people everywhere to make long term changes to their lifestyles that are sustainable. My ultimate goal is to help you find freedom and happiness in healthy living.

Our Partners

Infinity Wellness is proud to collaborate with professionals across the wellbeing sector and in doing so, designing, and delivering broader, holistic initiatives for your organisation.

Jennifer McDiarmid - Nutritional Therapist


Jennifer drives motivation, engagement and support for employee physical and mental health through simple nutritional strategies. As a professional nutritional therapist, Jennifer is experienced in designing, delivering and facilitating programmes and workshops that help employees develop an understanding of the impact of the food they eat, and how the body requirements change when under pressure and stress. Jennifer specialises in educating organisations on how they can achieve a more energised, healthy and vitalised team.

Isabelle Wies Griffiths


Meet your Emotional Resilience & Wellbeing Coach, Trainer and Speaker Isabelle Griffith. She is the creator of The Pause Approach™ and Soma Leadership™. Isabelle supports leaders to stress less, live more and lead well; and organisations to embed emotional resilience at personal, team and cultural level, in order to drive resilient results. Isabelle is passionate about addressing the stress and burnout epidemic our society is suffering from. She believes that emotional resilience is an enabler for individuals and organisations alike to make a greater impact.

Chris Downes - Boost Wellbeing


Boost Wellbeing has nearly 20 years of experience in reducing stress sickness related absence and increasing the feel-good factor for the entire office by providing wellbeing services such as onsite seated chair massage, fitness classes, workplace nutrition workshops, resilience training, “know your numbers” health checks, relaxation training and health awareness days.

Oar Mighty Mates – Andy and Stuart


Oar Mighty Mates are a team of two mates, Andy Purvis & Stuart Hatcher. They will row for three charities during the Talisker Whisky Altantic Challlenge 2023 between best buddies. They have always loved the outdoors and extreme activities. They are both excited and honoured to have the opportunity to fight this ultimate challenge together and raise money for charities.

Bee Herd Ltd and Belinda


Bee Herd Ltd is a Public Relations, Marketing and Copy Writing business helping business better connect with their customers through well crafted words and creatively considered campaigns. The company also runs training seminars on various elements of marketing & PR, social media and public speaking. Bee Herd Ltd also work with a number of radio stations, newspapers and websites to produce audio programmes and written content.



BAMBA -the British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches.... An inclusive community of mindfulness practitioners, teachers, trainers and researchers. Upholding standards with inclusivity, integrity, humanity and kindness at its heart.

Tawny Cortes – Associate Mindfulness Teacher.

Sandy Lee – Associate Teacher and Programme Design Partner

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