Case Study – Wilmington, Being Human 4-part wellbeing programme.


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Attended the workshop – Being Human, 4-part wellbeing programme.

The Brief:

Wilmington Plc has around 1,500 employees and is made up of several brands: The International Compliance Association; CLT International; Pendragon; Axco; and Inese.  All brands work across varied industries, offering compliance-based solutions.  Wilmington is a global business with offices worldwide and this particular brief focuses on those in the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Dubai.

Before the pandemic took hold the leadership team at Wilmington recognised the need to support their employee’s wellbeing in more depth and spent time with Infinity Wellness to discuss specific areas of focus.  They were particularly concerned about a risk of employee burnout due to heightened levels of stress and individual cases of workplace anxiety being reported. 

They recognised a need for something to be done to support employee wellbeing with a specific focus on embedding strategies that support good mental health.  Together, we agreed to start with short sessions that were educational, easy to understand and for employees to take action on what they were learning in each session.

The Solution:

Based on our discussions it became clear that the workshop Being Human, which focuses on the challenges of being human in an everyday modern, western society was the right fit for Wilmington Plc

This workshop pays particular attention to developing good strategies that support a healthy mind and emotional wellbeing, taking the time to explore the common challenges that we face in our day to day lives, balancing work, life, home, relationships, and communication.

With the pandemic in mind, the Being Human series was developed further to encompass the following topics and themes:

  • dealing with uncertainty
  • working well from home
  • coping with social isolation and how to stay well
  • reduce the negative impact on wellbeing
  • take care of yourself during the pandemic.

During the four sessions, employees were offered tools and supporting techniques that could be applied in their day to day that would give their wellbeing a boost.  These techniques were taught through demonstration and employees had an opportunity to try and experience each technique in a live environment. 

Following each week these tools and techniques were then made available to all employees via a downloadable video recording, allowing them to take advantage of what they had learnt in their own time.


To date, there have been more than 85 downloads of the techniques made available via an online video, post the programme from an average audience of 55 participants.

A survey of more than 60 employees told us that:

  • 98% of employees would recommend the Being Human sessions to colleagues.
  • 100% of employees have used one of the wellbeing techniques delivered in the session.
  • 84% of employees said they learnt something new at the sessions.
  • 86% of employees said that the sessions were of very high or high value.

Infinity Wellness continues to work with Wilmington Plc on their overall employee wellbeing culture supporting a transformative wellbeing culture that makes a difference to employees, customers, and the organisation.  At July 2021, Infinity Wellness is working in partnership with Wilmington plc, focusing on the Discover, Design and Activate 3 pillar approach to changing wellbeing culture long term.

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