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Wellness in the workplace

COVID-19 has changed how we work and operational life in business has become more complicated, in turn the complexities of managing change have become much broader. From furlough procedures, redundancy, upskilling of employees through to changes in technology, change overall is having a real impact on stress levels and employee delivery.

Finding balance in life doesn't come easy, it takes practice. Even though we think we know the importance of self-care, life's distractions can cause us to forget about what's important. We lose track of simple self-care rituals and get out of good habits when we are under pressure and there are deadlines to meet. Infinity Wellness takes a diverse approach, challenges the status quo, and engages with audiences in thought provoking ways, always aiming to develop thinking and change behaviours for the long term.

With an understanding of what it means to work in a large corporation, we will work with you to design workplace wellness solutions to fit your business requirements and create a productive and happy working environment.

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Creating your unique programme

Infinity wellness will work with you and your employees to design and deliver a wellbeing strategy adopting a 3-stage methodology. By involving your employees and relevant stakeholders from the beginning will increase engagement and buy-in. Each step works towards creating and embedding true culture change that will positively transform the approach to wellbeing across your organisation.


• Engage with employees at all levels to understand the current landscape of wellbeing culture across your organisation.

• Review what's going well and where the opportunities are.

• Hold focus groups, surveys and 1-2-1’s to establish a clear picture of how your people are feeling.


• Create wellbeing strategies that will support business growth, across various measures.

• Create initiatives that will address areas of potential improvement, whilst maintaining and building on what is already in place.

• Fulfil broader business purpose and aims.

• Learning how to embed good behaviour that supports the human condition is a key focus.

• Ideation and creativity are often guided by the results of the Discover phase and broader company strategy and values.


• Adopt a tried and tested change management model, proven to land wellbeing change effectively.

• Take an inclusive and engaging approach with employees at all levels.

• Focus on the importance of the mechanics of change and the right messaging.

• Improve capability and crucially ensure stickability.

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I love working in partnership with my clients and developing strong relationships ensures that the work we do together drive sustainable change.