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Finding the perfect balance

I am eternally grateful for the freedom that developing good mental wellbeing and finding balance in my life has brought me. I have a story of the past that resonates far and wide with many so I am pleased to offer support to your company by speaking at events, training sessions and celebrations where you would like to place wellbeing and employee wellness on the map.

I can help you get wellness on the agenda by attending and speaking at

An event

An award evening

Employee engagement session

Away days

Including Wellness at your Event

Including wellness in your event will lift the spirit and focus of your session, boost morale, and engage your people in the conversation.  We have the skills, experience, and capability to educate and inspire people through sharing stories and experiences on modern topics such as:

  • Mind health and all things related to mental wellbeing.
  • Exercise and becoming more active in support of human wellness.
  • A journey from striving to thriving.
  • Inclusivity and EDI post Covid.
  • The value of creating a wellbeing culture.
  • Financial wellbeing and why this should be included in the wellness agenda.

Alternatively, let’s work together to find the right topic and develop an engaging presentation that will lift your session, bring an insightful approach to discussing the wellbeing of your employees and tackle some of the concerns in today’s more remote and modern way of working.

Get in touch to understand more about how we can support you in putting wellbeing on your business agenda.

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