The Leadership Edge



A bespoke workshop for HR leaders.

Building, creating and leading strategic change is a mammoth task, it takes patience and skill.  HR leaders often need to navigate a matrix of business lines to achieve an effective end state when delivering new programmes and projects. This workshop will support each HR leader in increasing buy-in and engagement across the matrix and implement wellbeing change that endures, speaks to and supports the human condition. 

In all cases, openness, integrity, purpose, and inclusivity play a major part in ensuring that business wide change lands well.

Working with Infinity Wellness, HR leaders are invited to explore ways to challenge company wellbeing strategy through a workshop environment. 

HR leaders will:

  • Learn about delivery tools and techniques to support effective wellbeing change.
  • Understand the challenges of managing wellbeing change to achieve optimum ROI and how to overcome these challenges.
  • Take part in thought leadership discussion, collaboration, and ideation.
  • Learn from leading practice across a range of industries.

These workshops are facilitated by Infinity Wellness, in partnership with our team of professionals and can be delivered for your HR team or in a more collaborative and diverse way through a multi organisational and cross brand approach.  

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